Domino Run 2 v1.0.5 released

  • fixed the issue, that if you had already beaten world 3 level 25 before the last update, the last update only unlocked world 4, but not the first level of it so you would still be unable to continue playing

Domino Run 2 v1.0.4 released

  • World 4 will now properly unlock after beating world 3 level 25, if you happen to have already beaten that level world 4 is now unlocked after starting the game
  • a level will now fail as intended, when a remote pusher tries to topple a stopper and no other stone is still tumbling and there are also still stones left standing

Domino Run 2 v1.0.3 released

  • Certain crashes on Android should be fixed
  • Increased the font size slightly
  • Improved the camera handling when a level is loaded
  • Displays now a notification when the user has no levels downloaded yet
  • Displays now a notification when the game is fetching level-data from the server

Domino Run 2 v1.0.2 released



  • The camera can now be dragged when touching the platforms
  • Allow camera panning after pinching
  • Opening the menu dialog before the win / lose dialog appears won't navigate you back to the previous screen anymore
  • Pressing the back button while the score is counting within the win dialog won't navigate you back to the previous screen anymore, instead it will stop the score counting
  • Cancelling the level solution topple dialog will now also deselect the currently selected block
  • Restarting a level while a tutorial / level s

Domino Run 2 v1.0.1 released


Android / iOS

  • enabled Twitter / Facebook buttons
  • added click sound to many buttons
  • fixed a problem with blocks that were previously highlighted

iOS only

  • enabled all in-app-purchases, so you can  buy step-by-step-solutions for each world individually now

Domino Run 2 released on iOS


Domino Run 2 is now also available in Apples App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod!

And should you find any bugs, have questions or even ideas, don't hesitate to contact us!

Domino Run 2 released on Android


Domino Run 2 is available for Android now. Check out the Google Play Store Page.

And should you find any bugs, have questions or even ideas, don't hesitate to contact us!

Domino Run 2 will be released on Android and iOS next week!

We're proud to announce our latest game "Domino Run 2" with lots of exiting new features. Check out our product page if you want to know more!

Domino Run 2 released on Android and iOS


Get Ready to Rubble! Shiny Egg Studios releases Domino Run 2!


Shiny Egg Studios, developers of the mobile puzzle game “Domino Run” in 2011, have released a new, amazing sequel, “Domino Run 2”. 150 challenging levels spanning 4 beautiful, unique worlds and more downloads are waiting to be solved by players who want to exercise their brains and reactiveness!

Domino Run 2 is a puzzle game in which dominoes placed on a series of platforms must be rearranged so that they can all be toppled by a single push.


Puzzle game "Domino Run" released for Android

Puzzle Game “Domino Run” Released for Android Dorset, UK, July 11th 2011 – Independent game developer Shiny Egg Studios announced today that its puzzle game “Domino Run” and the demo version “Domino Run Lite” have been released through Android Market. Launched on July 7th, the demo application has already received over 4,000 installs and given an average 4 out of 5 stars by users on Android Market.