Domino Run 2 Updates

Domino Run 2 v1.0.5 released

  • fixed the issue, that if you had already beaten world 3 level 25 before the last update, the last update only unlocked world 4, but not the first level of it so you would still be unable to continue playing

Domino Run 2 v1.0.4 released

  • World 4 will now properly unlock after beating world 3 level 25, if you happen to have already beaten that level world 4 is now unlocked after starting the game
  • a level will now fail as intended, when a remote pusher tries to topple a stopper and no other stone is still tumbling and there are also still stones left standing

Domino Run 2 v1.0.3 released

  • Certain crashes on Android should be fixed
  • Increased the font size slightly
  • Improved the camera handling when a level is loaded
  • Displays now a notification when the user has no levels downloaded yet
  • Displays now a notification when the game is fetching level-data from the server

Domino Run 2 v1.0.2 released



  • The camera can now be dragged when touching the platforms
  • Allow camera panning after pinching
  • Opening the menu dialog before the win / lose dialog appears won't navigate you back to the previous screen anymore
  • Pressing the back button while the score is counting within the win dialog won't navigate you back to the previous screen anymore, instead it will stop the score counting
  • Cancelling the level solution topple dialog will now also deselect the currently selected block
  • Restarting a level while a tutorial / level solution is active will hide the 'show hint' button now
  • Added click sounds to checkboxes in options dialog
  • The scrollbar on your own created levels screen is now always placed at the bottom of the screen


  • Added localization support
  • Added Fast Forward button
  • Replaced the back button by a menu button so the options and help can also be accessed from there
  • Allow camera panning when touching the background tiles
  • Pressing the clear button will now open a confirmation dialog instead of just clearing everything
  • Just changing the level name will allow you to save the level now
  • Using Undo/Redo will allow you to save the level now
  • Adding or removing a platform tile at the end of the gamefield will now change the state of the width and height buttons
  • Added sounds when changing the selection of the current tool category or tool
  • Moves in Play mode are always counted now
  • Dragging a block block while the Demolish tool is selected will not remove the block anymore after dropping it
  • Dragging the item selection wheel won't move the camera anymore when the touch moves outside its containing panel
  • Destroying the finisher block while in Play mode won't prevent the game from stopping anymore


Domino Run 2 v1.0.1 released


Android / iOS

  • enabled Twitter / Facebook buttons
  • added click sound to many buttons
  • fixed a problem with blocks that were previously highlighted

iOS only

  • enabled all in-app-purchases, so you can  buy step-by-step-solutions for each world individually now