Domino Run 2 - FAQ

What are the main differences between Domino Run 1 and Domino Run 2?

Well, there are quite a few. Following a non-exhaustive list:

  • this time created with the Unity engine to support more platforms, 3D and physics
  • new beautiful scenenery for each world, stylish dominoes and platforms
  • way more levels (150 total) including extra challenge levels
  • new domino types
  • dominoes will explode and crumble more realistically
  • downloadable levels from other players
  • level editor to create your own levels to share with other players
  • statistics and achievements

I think I have a great idea for Domino Run. Will you implement it?

Maybe! Honestly, it depends on many things. How much effort will it be, what's the impact on the existing game mechanics, do we like the idea?

Just contact us to find out, we're always open to new ideas!

Can you support my native language?

We will try to support as many languages as possible. In order to achieve that we would like to ask the community to help us translating the existing dictionaries to other languages.

If there are enough requests we will find a way to provide you the dictionaries. So feel free to contact us! For this it might be best to ask in our forum.

I have an older phone and the game runs really slowly - is there anything I can do?

We have added various graphics options that should help you. Try reducing the quality of them - see the next entry "Graphics Options".

What are these graphics options for?

Graphics quality (Fastest to Fantastic)

  • Defines how good the game will look - reduce quality to improve the performance.

GUI quality (Low - High)

  • Defines how good-looking buttons and windows will appear. Reduce, if you want to improve the performance.

Gui AA (Antialiasing: MSAA, PPAA)

  • Defines how edges are smoothed
    • PPAA: draws more vertices but might improve your performance
    • MSAA: improves pixels around  diagonal edges on cost of GPU performance

The game crashed, or I think I've found a bug!

Though we aim to deliver a good and stable product, software is invariably more complex than it appears and it's impossible for us to test on all hardware. If you think you've found a bug, we would very much like to hear about it so that we can correct the problem and improve your experience.

Please provide us with as much information as you can about what happened, what you did before and possibly when it occurred, if you were using one of our online features. You can contact us by the following means:

How do I get a platinum star?

Oh, that is easy. Just be quicker than us! That means you'll have to take less moves and time than the displayed aim moves / time and you will be properly awarded! If you can beat us you really deserve the platinum star!

If it seems too hard remember this: It often helps to topple a stone before moving the others.

If you want to know more about stars and how they are related to the score read the next entry.

Stars and Score, how are they related to each other?

Will be explained asap.

Why are the Aim Times so quick?

They're for after you've already solved the puzzles and don't include thinking time! You need skill to re-arrange the blocks as quickly as possible, often starting them tumbling before you've finished re-arranging everything.

Help! I'm stuck on level XX!?!

Don't worry, for each shipped level we've created a step-by-step solution. The solutions for the first 5 levels of the first world are free to test, for the rest you have to buy one of the solution bundles. See the next point for more information about solution bundles.

Can you tell me more about solution bundles?

Yes, sure. We've learned from the first Domino Run that many players had trouble solving a level. So we've implemented in-game step-by-step solutions for each shipped level which was quite some effort.

We decided to create solution bundles that are a way to support us and our development. Of course you can always rely on external help and find solutions otherwise.

We provide solution bundles for each world, meaning if you buy a bundle for a single world you will get the solutions for all levels contained in this world.

We've also created a 'Complete Pack' which is cheaper and includes the solutions for all levels of all shipped worlds, including the ones introduced in future updates.

Why do I need a Domino Run Online account?

You will only need a Domino Run Online (DRO) account if you intend to share your levels. That means just downloading levels from other players doesn't require an account.

Anyway, your uploaded levels will be assigned to your DRO account. This allows us to verify all uploaded levels and react to any inappropriate content. Furthermore other users will be able to see your author name on your shared levels.

What data is stored with my Domino Run Online account?

On server-side we only store some basic data, such as your username, author name, email address and your encrypted password.

Other players will only be able to see your author name, though.

I have trouble downloading levels. What shall I do?

If you have trouble downloading levels check your online connection first.

If the download button stays gray and doesn't disappear after clicking, try going back to your already downloaded level page and then navigate to the 'download level' page again. Try to download the level now.

If there is already a downloaded but corrupted level, delete this one first and try again.

If none of this helps try restarting your game.

And of course you can always contact us. Perhaps you want to check our forum first.

What are your future plans for Domino Run 2?

We have plans to publish Domino Run on additional platforms such as WinPhone, WinStore and PC.

We also intend to provide you with new worlds, each providing new gameplay elements.

Furthermore we will try to extend the game by adding various improvements, such as level ratings, more level editor options, etc.

Feel free to check our version plans on our Trello Board.